Issue 200 - The One With The Mandalorian Gear

I did it! Finally, 200 I can stop. Haha, of course not! I don't stop...I'm the Energizer Bunny bringing you 800-1000 words every day! (until ski season starts and then that might drop.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Issue 200

I did it! Finally, 200 I can stop. Haha, of course not! I don't stop...I'm the Energizer Bunny bringing you 800-1000 words every day! (until ski season starts and then that might drop a little 😆)

In celebration of our 200th issue, I've donated $200 to One Tree Planted to plant 200 trees. Reforestation is one of the best ways to combat climate change!

- Kirsten

PS: Help combat climate change with me by making at least a $1 donation (each $1 plants 1 tree) to One Tree Planted (you can choose where you want to plant it), send me a copy of your receipt and I will match it and enter you in the monthly giveaway for the $50 Patagonia gift card.

PPS: You can also still enter to win the $50 Patagonia gift card by sharing your love of TDT on social! Only 4 entries so far, so you have a good chance this month. Just tag TDT or send me a screen shot of the share.

TDT Poll:

Given your usual outdoor adventure travel prior to COVID, how likely are you to resume that travel after the pandemic is over?

👍 More Likely

👎 Less Likely

Results Thursday

Outdoor exercise tip of the day:

Today, I'm getting you ready for the slopes. Repeat this exercise 5-8 times every day, two weeks prior to your ski/snowboard trip.

Lateral hop with squat holdPart #1: Keep a shoulder width stance and jump laterally back and forth over a foam roller (or whatever you have lying around). Jump with soft knees but very quickly for 30 seconds. Eventually, you should be able to get 25 jumps in. Part #2: At the 30 sec mark, sink down into a squat position and hold for another 30 seconds, keeping a flat back and open chest. Rest for 15 seconds.

Cabin In A Box

Have you had your eye on that remote piece of property where you want to build a small cabin and where you will launch your outdoor adventures right out your front door? Is it on the side of a mountain or in an inaccessible valley? Can you receive mail at your current address? Do you have a flatbed truck? If you answered yes to all these questions...TDT might have just solved your adventure habitation problems. (1 min read and 1 min view)

Source: Adventure Journal

Outdoor News

Quick Sand: COVID permitting, Greg and I are scheduled for our first round of avalanche training in January. We are winter backcountry amateurs, and I'm looking forward to learning how to spot those dangerously elusive avalanches. As a pre-season safety primer, watch this super scary snowboard video (from a few seasons ago) as a reminder that, even "in-bounds", there is risk on the hill. (3 min watch)

Source: Storyful Newswire

8000 lb Boulder: There seems to be a safety theme forming here in our 200th issue. A Phoenix man (who looks suspiciously like Mats Sundin) is lucky to be alive after he was almost crushed by a boulder weighing more than 8,000 pounds...although I am not sure how they actually weighted it...would it matter if it was only 5000 lbs? Anyway, he was apparently on a charity hike with his daughter. This one sounds a bit fishy... like that Mom lost in Zion for a few for a Kickstarter to start on this one. (2 min watch)

New Bike Tech: Last week I was ranting about e-bikes. "They" must have heard me and quickly started on a solution. Out of the blue, is the new Super Wheel (yes, that is amazing marketing!) utilizes the rider’s weight converting it into forward propulsion of the bicycle for claimed efficiency gains of up to 30%...without a charge up! Wait, this still might be cheating...I'll get back to you after a full analysis. (2 min read)

Source: Bike Rumour

How To Guide: Support The Outdoors.Great advice on how to continue to support the's hoping it will still be around after the pandemic, forest fires and politics. Many recreation sites and wilderness areas are suffering due to misuse, lack of staff and funding, or just plain natural disaster. U.S. (6 min read) and Canada (2 min read)

Source: Men's Journal, Outdoor Council of Canada

Inclusivity: Cannondale and EF Pro Cycling have created an initiative that will promote opportunity and racial diversity in cycling at the collegiate level. (2 min read)

Source: Cannondale Blog

Outdoor Politics: Biden’s first climate-related cabinet pick, John Kerry, signals how the new administration will handle the crisis. (4 min read)

Source: Grist

Daily Greens: Microplastics Found on Everest. (3 min read)

Source: Explorers Web


10 Accessories Under $100 to Winterize your Backpacking Setup - The Trek

Columbia’s ‘The Mandalorian’ Collection Has Gear for Every Age - Gear Junkie

Deals From The Wild

40% Off Camping Solar Lights (Use code "Thankful" at checkout until Dec 1) - Mpowered

20% Off Sustainable Alternative To Plastic Wrap (until the end of Nov) - Bee's Wrap

25% Off Women's/Men's Transcendent Down Pullover - Outdoor Research

Lunch Break Videos

Riding: Blank Canvas Official Trailer - A Teton Gravity Research snowboard film anchored by Elena Hight, a 2X Olympian and X Games champion. (2 min Watch)

A Perfect Planet: Extended Trailer | New David Attenborough Series @BBC Earth (4 min Watch)

Funny Climbing Fail - She calls it the whipper(30 sec watch)

Live From The Wild

Four of TDT's trees planted (in 50 years), @nature_worldwide_trees


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