Issue 201 - The One With The 2001: A "Utah" Odyssey

Our U.S. TDTer's are celebrating the holidays this week, and, with the dreaded second (third?) wave of COVID upon all of us, we're probably going to be spending more time in front of a screen the next


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Issue 201

Thanks for the social shout outs Jen and Susan! And for the trees Pavin!

- Kirsten


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TDT Poll:

Given your usual outdoor adventure travel prior to COVID, how likely are you to resume that travel after the pandemic is over?

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Results Thursday

Outdoor quote of the day:

"Light a campfire and everyone is a story teller." - John Geddes


TDT And Chill

Our U.S. TDTer's are celebrating the holidays this week, and, with the dreaded second (third?) wave of COVID upon all of us, we're probably going to be spending more time in front of a screen the next little while. With that in mind, I found a post from back in March that will help bring some outdoors inside for you. Check out 16 awesome outdoor & adventure films free to watch online. (read 7 min and then watch all day)

Source: Much Better Adventures


Outdoor News


Best by a Landslide: Quick, close your eyes and think...what piece of gear or adventure clothing do you still have from a decade ago that you still love? Who is it made by, and is that your favourite outdoor adventure manufacturer? My fav is my oversized pink fleece from the '80s, made guessed it, Patagonia. Check out the "SNEWS retailer survey" of the current best outdoor gear manufacturers. (5 min read)

Source: SNEWS


2001: A "Utah" Odyssey: Remember in 1968, when 2001: A Space Odyssey came out? I don't because I wasn't born yet. Do those of you who saw it in the theatre (were there theatres back then?) remember this scene with the monolith? Well, it's happening in real life now. The Utah monolith was first discovered Wednesday, November 18, as some dudes were flying over the desert, counting bighorn sheep...likely story 🧐. The wildlife crew noticed the monolith sticking up out of a rock and landed the helicopter to investigate. The sheep watching crew were all found, not really, but check out the story on Twitter. (Watch 2 min)

PS: The monolith comes about a month after a California woman who was missing for nearly two weeks at Zion National Park in Utah was found safely. This isn't that far away. Remember that crazy story?...could the aliens have abducted her for a few days?

Source: @AndrewAdamsKSL


Everest Gets Easier: Gang, we have basically waited out climate change...we can now summit Everest no problem. A new study at iScience shows how oxygen levels have changed due to global warming, meaning more oxygen should be available near the summit. Let's put a TDT team together!(3 min read)

Source: Adventure Journal


How To Guide: Winter Camping Cocktails: Winter camping - fun; Cocktails - extremely fun...this is shaping up to be a good post! Mulled Wine for me, Whiskey Chai for Greg, and Boozy Campfire Coffee for the morning...hmmm...I might have a problem ☺️. (3 min read)

Source: Gear Junkie


Outdoor Inclusivity: Community conversations about diversity and inclusion in the adventure travel industry. "I want people of all races, genders, and other dimensions of difference to feel our industry is for them" (7 min read)

Source: Adventure Travel News


Outdoor Politics: Solar companies ask Biden to reverse Trump’s biggest blow to the industry. (3 min read)

Source: Grist


Daily Greens: NASA satellite to measure global sea level rise. (3 min read)

Source: NPR




Kids Rolling Clubhouse Fort With New Modular Accessories For Tern GSD Cargo e-bike - Bike Rumor​

Backcountry Access Hybrid Climbing Skins - BCA Contours - The Outbound​

Smartwool Merino Sport Fleece Colorblock Tight - Backpacker​


Deals From The Wild


Fjallraven Is Giving Away U.S. National Parks Passes This Holiday Season - Expedition Portal​

Marmot Men's Fordham Jacket - Moosejaw (30% off)

Canadians - Up To 60% Off All Kids Outdoor Winter Gear - MEC


Lunch Break Videos


More Danny Macaskill: We know how much the TDTer's loveDanny Macaskill. In this one he takes on some child care the only way he knows how... by taking them for a wee bike ride around Scotland! (4 min watch)

Mythic Race: Follow in the tracks of the mythic 'Patrouille des Glaciers' race, across the high alpine traverse linking Zermatt to Verbier. Along the way, this team of freeriders discover a unique alpine history and ski some of the most impressive peaks in the Alps. (15 min watch)

Rope Swing Back Flip: Only Canadian Freeskier Logan Pehota would find a rope hanging from a tree while skiing and think... "sure, why not" (30 sec watch)


Live From The Wild

Beam Me Up Scotty, @pixel.rover​

Under The Milky Way

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