Issue 202 - The One With The Licking Canadian Moose

I haven't tried this one yet, it was on my list but, alas, camping season is over here. If you like it, let me know. From the author: This is a FODMAP-friendly, dairy-free, no-grains, vegan recipe

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Issue 202

Today and tomorrow will be shorter issues, as 75% of our readers are on Thanksgiving Week break and the news volume seems much smaller. We will be back in full force on Monday.

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Given your usual outdoor adventure travel prior to COVID, how likely are you to resume that travel after the pandemic is over?

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Outdoor recipe of the day:

Butternut Squash Campfire Curry Recipe

I haven't tried this one yet, it was on my list but, alas, camping season is over here. If you like it, let me know. From the author: This is a FODMAP-friendly, dairy-free, no-grains, vegan recipe that is as hearty and healthy as it is yummy. Add some almonds for extra protein.

Brain Trick

This is me being serious, because it is a serious topic...don't waste money on the wrong gear! Buy the skis for the terrain and conditions you "do" ski rather than the conditions you "want" to ski. For example, here at Panorama we will get between 8-12 good powder days per year...that's not a lot when you ski 50+ days. We like to stick to a one quiver ski, so for our resort skiis, a good width is 99-105mm, with camber and tip/tail rocker. This gives you some float on powder days and good grip for the mixed conditions around the mountain most other days. This theory can be carried through all types of gear and this article does a good job of discussing the "noise" around gear so that you can focus on the real "signal". (6 min read)

Source: Outside Online

Outdoor News

Always Be Prepared: Winter for most of the northern hemisphere is coming fast. If you're planning to drive in the mountains, get those snow tires on. Also, check out this post about making a cheap winter emergency kit from your everyday summer camping gear. It is Gear Junkie's job to get you to buy stuff...just use the checklist with all the stuff you already have or consider buying some used(5 min read)

Source: Gear Junkie

Moose Lick: Canadian moose are going crazy and National Park authorities have issued a warning: "Do not let moose lick your car". Apparently, the moose have figured out that the salt on your car is yummier than the stuff on the warned that they will aggressively try to lick you and your car...maybe not you, unless you were just working out? Moose-tongue distance is difficult to put an exact distance on, but the guidelines state people should stay 100 feet from animals so that’s a good number to keep in mind. (2 minute read)

Source: Unofficial Networks

How To Guide: Get Started In Rock Climbing: Rock climbing is indeed an intimidating and sometimes dangerous pursuit, but it's a greatly rewarding form of exercise and adventure. (4 min read)

Source: Outdoor Project

Outdoor Inclusivity: Female pro skiers have been killing it on the slopes for years. I’m glad the media is finally catching up.(4 min read)

Source: The Globe and Mail

Outdoor Politics: Interesting to hear what Kamala Harris' favorite Indian foods are, but, as a woman, I've got to ask... did anyone ask Biden what his favorite food was when he was VP...? (2 min read)

Source: One Green Planet

Daily Greens: The pandemic’s effect on emissions was ‘just a tiny blip’. (3 min read)

Source: Grist


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Lunch Break Videos

Let Me Hear You Say, Jump, Jump: Exit Point is a short film inhabiting the mind’s eye of the man who has been described as ‘Britain’s greatest BASE jumper ‘ as he prepares for his descent. (5 min watch)

Thug life: Ski cliff jump fail (10 sec watch)

Live From The Wild

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