Issue 204 - The One With The Slow Transition To MTN Impact

It's been ~40 issues under new management and I'm going to start slowly incorporating my MTN Impact branding into the newsletter...close your eyes...imagine The Daily Thread logo...

Monday, November 30, 2020

Issue 204

It's been ~40 issues under new management and I'm going to start slowly incorporating my MTN Impact branding into the newsletter...close your eyes...imagine The Daily Thread open your eyes and lookup ⬆. Boom! MTN Impact in the house!! Soon MTN Impact will take over! Just kidding, except for the logo at the top, you probably won't notice a difference.

- Kirsten

PS: Just 1 day left to enter to win the $50 Patagonia gift card by sharing your love of TDT on social! Only 6 entries so far, so you have a good chance this month. Just tag TDT or send me a screenshot of the share.

PPS: MTN Impact is about mountain culture, including the environment, people and sport. Probably less surfing (you know me and sharks!) and more about cool people, doing cool things, in the mountains.

PPPS: Stick around, this will be a fun transition.

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Play More: Shaking Things Up

Obviously, safety protocols with be in effect at the resorts this winter season. The face mask part should be reasonably easy to achieve given a Buff(psst: 25% off until Dec 1) or some kind of neck warmer is usually part of your ski kit anyway. With social distancing rules in place, the lift lines and après drinks will be the tricky part of resort skiing this season. So maybe it's time to look beyond the resorts for your winter mountain adventures? Maybe we can inspire you with the snowshoeing, hiking and fat biking in the backcountry we've done so far (Sticking to areas we know are safe until we take our level 1 avalanche training in January, of course!). Or, check out this article from Outside on 15 Ways to Play in the Snow This Year to get some more inspiration! (11 min read)

Waste Less: Patagonia Persuasiveness

I have some Patagonia persuasiveness (say that five times fast!) for you. If you're a long-time reader, you know that I'm a huge proponent of buying used gear or at least purchasing gear that's going to last 20 maybe stick to neutral colours...not like my 20-year-old pink Patagonia fleece 😉. But this is less about Patagonia; the message here is: There are some things you can do, too. Buy less. Buy used. Repair what you wear out. Demand recycled. Demand Fair Trade. Demand organic. You have the power to change the way clothes are made. (2 min watch and 2 min read)

One commenter in the YouTube feed said:

Nearly everything I buy, and have bought for nearly 30 years, is used: ebay, charity shops, second-hand furniture stores, gumtree; houses to bikes, cars to cameras, boots to hats.

You're setting a great example Brett M!

Do Better: Small Business Saturday

Gang, let's huddle up her, gather round. One thing we can do together this holiday season is buy local as much as possible. I know that you have to get Cousin Herbert that spinning diamond encrusted gizmo from Amazon because he has it on his list, but maybe he would be happy with a hand-made locally carved moose head? Maybe not? Ok, well I'm shopping online too (teenagers are hard to shop for!), but trying to balance that with some shopping at small, local, COVID-19 starved shops in town.

We're two days late, but Saturday (11/28/2020) marked the annual #SmallBusinessSaturday, a day to support small businesses and communities by shopping “small”. In this awesome small business promotion post, Ryan Scavo from Elevation Outdoors, shares 7 small (digitally local) outdoorish substainable businesses to socially follow and, perhaps, buy from. (3 min read)

Good Links

Cool Stuff: Poetically known as Baikal Zen, this rare effect happens when a flat rock that has fallen onto the ice catches the spring sun and melts the ice underneath it. Only a thin pedestal supporting the rock remains. (2 min read)

Gear: 17 Gift Ideas For Snowshoers This Holiday - Snowshoe Magazine

How To: Fund A Nomadic Lifestyle Of Camping And Traveling In 2021 (9 min read)

Video: This is the trailer for the short video series ‘Popup Life’, a collaboration between New Belgium Brewing and Four Wheel Campers that documents a sustainable approach to enjoying public lands. Parts 1 -5 are available after you love the trailer - (2 min watch)

Deals: The Best Hiking Gear Deals from the Backcountry Cyber Sale - The Trek

Live From The Wild​

Cabin Porn, @thorsten_nunnemann

"Castel Meur" in Bretagne, France

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