Issue 205 - The One With The Apple Core Tossing Ding-Bat Husband

Today's real news: Amazon is currently hiring around 1,400 new employees a day (and that's down from the summer peak of 2,800 hires a day in July).

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Issue 205

The winner of the $50 Patagonia gift card is Jen from California. 🎉 Congratulations! I will be talking to you soon.

- Kirsten

PS: Be warned, there is swearing in this issue. 🙏

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Today's real news: Amazon is currently hiring around 1,400 new employees a day (and that's down from the summer peak of 2,800 hires a day in July). "Amazon added 427,300 employees between January and October, pushing its work force to more than 1.2 million people globally". (2 min read)

And then, these f*ckers, throw all their returns in the garbage! Maybe spend some $$ on your logistics and help save the environment...rant over.

Play More: Stream On, Stream On

Stream On, Stream On, Stream On, Stream Until Your Dreams Come True!! - Start things off with some modified Aerosmith.

Is everyone familiar with Banff, Alberta? It's one of Canada's top tourist destinations, nestled inside Banff National Park, and surrounded by the Rocky Mountains' awesomeness. Many adventures are launched out of Banff, as it's a fun place to shop, eat and stay (see pic above). One lesser-known legendary thing about Banff is its unique arts scene, housed in the Banff Centre For Arts and Creativity. The annual Banff Centre Mountain Film + Book Festival is now in its virtual stage, which means it's streaming time for all of us. There appear to be two sets of films to choose from, Amber Tour (USD 15) and Onyx Tour (USD 15)...or do both (USD 28).

Outside Online recommends their five favourites here...they're found in both tours, so you'll have to get the combined package to see them all.

Stream on!

Waste Less: Gearo Launches Worldwide Rental Subscription

I don't have any scientific backing for this (I'm just doing the spreadsheet calculations now 🧐...I'll have them ready next week), but if we stopped making outdoor gear and apparel for five years, I think we would be okay. There's so much used gear out there, just sitting in people's basements collecting dust. Let's get it on Geartrade.

The next best thing might be gear rentals, especially on an annual subscription...I would abuse that one. Check out the Gearo Worldwide Rental Subscription. (2 min read)

Do Better: Stop Tossing Your Apple Cores On The Trail

Picture it: You're biking with your husband, zipping along some wonderfully flowy single-track, when your ding-bat husband pulls a small apple from his jersey, mows through it without asking if you want some, and flings the core into the trees. What do you say?

a. That's littering.

b. Pick that shit up, dumb ass.

c. Nothing, because I don't want to upset my husband...he is fragile.

d. Nothing, because it is part of the circle of issue.

Well, in this relationship, the correct answer, 100% of the time, is b.

The rule of thumb is that an apple core can take around two months to decompose, less problematic than 20 years for a plastic bag, but it's still not suitable for little critters or the eco-system. (3 min read)

Good Links

Bad Link: Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, Calls For Closure of All EU Ski Resorts (1 min read)

Conspiracy Theory: The mysterious silver monolith (from Issue 201) in the Utah desert has disappeared! Just like the Lost Mom! (3 min read)

New Adventures: The first ever wheel-driven track system! Install 4 tracks on a vehicle in 15 minutes, while keeping the tires on and without any modifications of the vehicle. Thanks for the wicked subscriber contribution, Asher! (2 min watch)

Total Recall: Santa Cruz, Juliana Mountain Bike Frames Can Buckle - The recall impacts about 3,000 mountain bikes in the U.S. and Canada. (1 min read)

How To: How to Navigate Van Life During Winter. (3 min read)

More Streaming:Lindsey Vonn Is Hosting a Reality TV Show where "dogs and their human companions compete in fun and exciting challenges celebrating their incredible bond" (☜Tamera) on Amazon Prime - (6 min read)

Deals: The onX Offroad App - Know where to go with the #1 off-road GPS app. Access 400,000+ miles of trails and roads, open dates and public lands - (Get) (Save 30% with code:THANKS30)

Live From The Wild

"Peak In The Meadows" on 🔥, @david.ferk

Matterhorn, The Alps

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