Issue 208 - The One With The Junk in the Trunk

Some TikTok news to start you off today. Have an adventurous weekend!

Friday, December 4, 2020

Issue 208

Some TikTok news to start you off today. Have an adventurous weekend!

- Kirsten

PS: Lots of new subscribers, so in case you missed it yesterday...more re-branding from The Daily Thread (TDT) to MTN Impact coming very soon.

PPS: Four of our TDT peeps are actual rock climbers!

TDT Poll:

This is an oldie-but-a-goodie...just modified to add a little mountain spirit:

Would you rather fight ten Pika-sized Bears or one Bear-sized Pika?

🐻 Ten Pika-sized Bears
🐭 One Bear-sized Pika

Due to popular demand...results on Monday

Today's Top Non-Mountain Cultural News: I love me some time-wasting TikTokonce in a while. According to The Hustle and TikTok, its most viral video of the year is not the skateboarding-and-cranraspberry-Fleetwood Mac singing guy… it’s Bella Poarch’s “M to the B” video (43.2 million likes).

Play More: Turn Your 2WD Into an Overland Vehicle

Get your motor runnin'...Head out on the highway...Looking for adventure...In whatever comes our way...

If you were Born To Be Wild, then maybe it's time you tried Overlanding. Before I go any further if you would describe yourself as an overlander or have actually overlanded, click here 🚙 ⬅︎. I will report back!

What is Overlanding, you ask? You need a compass, some camping gear and a vehicle. The journey is the point of it, not the destination. With this guide, even you...yes, you in the back...with the suped-up Honda can be an overlanderer! Adventure is coming your way. (6 min read)

Waste Less: Tips from the Pros on Buying Used Gear

My favourite tip from this used gear guide: smell everything. Rule of thumb: If it smells like funk, leave it in the trunk (that didn't make sense, but what else rhymes with funk? Oh wait, if it smells like funk, it's probably junk!).

As I was finishing up Thursday's newsletter (with my newsletter-editing-glass-of-wine), I said to Greg: "I keep pushing used gear and I haven't bought anything used myself in a while." I've sold a bunch of stuff very reasonable prices I may say...helping to get people outside. I was thinking my excuse was that we don't have great access to used stuff, as we are a bit remote...low and behold, a new store, Revolutions Gear in Invermere, popped up in my Instagram feed ('they' really are listening all the time, aren't they? 😳)! I will report back later after my first visit.

Anyway, this is a good post on how to sift through the piles of used gear at the thrift shop. (4 min read)

Do Better: Shop These Brands and Pay It Forward

It's the holiday season, so buy buy buy...keep the economy rolling! Just kidding, the holidays can be more about givingback rather than buying shiny new gear or having the most beautifully wrapped it's some kind of competition...I know it's not 🙄. Check out these 10 gifts from brands that are giving back for the holidays. (4 min read)

Good Links 🔗​

Conspiracy Theory Part #4: Yet another mysterious monolith appears — this time in California (1 min read)

Read Me Adult Version: 5 Books You Need to Read to Better Appreciate the Outdoors (3 min read)

Read Me Kids Version: Eleven New Outdoorsy Books to Help Kids Destress (9 min read)

Gear: Yakima’s CBX Solar Cargo Box Named to TIME’s List of the 100 Best Inventions of 2020. (1 min read)

Lunch Break Video: Pamir Pilgrimage: Frozen Ice, Frozen Roads, and First Ascents in Central Asia. Rising over 15,000 ft, the Pamir Highway is the second-highest highway in the world. In January 2020, three climbers set out to drive it in a fragile Russian van in the dead of winter. (13 min watch)

How To: Be Safe In Bear Territory. (3 min read)

Gear: Heroclip: The Carabiner Clip and Hook that Hangs Anything. (3 min read)

Deal: REI Co-op Kids' Traildreamer Insulated Jacket - (get) (50% off)

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