Issue 209 - The One With The Returnable, Recyclable Underwear

Today's Non-MTN News: The year-end YouTube Ads Leaderboard celebrates the ads that got the most views, shares, and all-around love from YouTube audiences around the globe.

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PS: We have 5 real-life overlanders in our community. Send me pics of your Overlanding life and I will post for everyone to see!

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Which would you rather fight?

🐻 Ten Pika-sized Bears - 23 votes

🐭 One Bear-sized Pika - 8 votes

Today's Non-MTN News: The year-end YouTube Ads Leaderboard celebrates the ads that got the most views, shares, and all-around love from YouTube audiences around the globe. (read and watch)

Play More: Envo Snowbike

[For new readers, this post is filled with sarcasm; I use this literary device quite often. I know, it's lazy 🤷🏻‍♀️ ]

Thanks to a company called Envo, we can finally put away our stupid, calorie-burning winter fat bikes and cruise the snowy trails with our new Snowmobikes. For a measly USD 2800, you can replace your front wheel with a ski and the back wheel with some tank tracks to go on an adventure for up to 10 km until the battery dies! changed. (1 min read and 1 min watch)

Waste Less: Returnable, Recyclable Underwear

[a bit more sarcasm incoming...see if you can spot it]

We all like to wear underwear, right? For peak performance during our mountain adventures, we need to keep our parts warm and immobilized. Well, now you don't have to be "climate-change fashion-shamed" for wearing your tighty whiteys.

If you had to guess how long it takes 11 million pounds of underwear to end up in United States landfills, what would you say? Six months? One year? Try one day

The Big Favorite joins the circular movement with returnable, recyclable underwear. (4 min read)

Do Better: The world "woke" up in 2020

[no sarcasm on this one]

I believe that mountain adventures are for everyone, regardless of race, gender identity, ethnicity, age, body type, physical ability, and so on. We're trying to do our part through education and awareness by posting stories like this one. (3 min read)

“Skiing has long served as an escape for white people from multicultural politics and accusations of privilege, and that is precisely why we can’t leave race out of it.”

Good Links 🔗

Monolith #1: Meet the outdoor sportsmen who say they removed the Utah monolith: 'If you think we’re proud, we’re not' (3 min read)

Ursa Thiefealus: Bear breaks into multiple cars in Whistler (1 min read)

Monolith #2: Jeep & Electrify America Are Having Fun With “Monolith” Marketing (4 min read)

Gear: The 8 most exciting sports and outdoor products of 2020. (3 min read)

Lunch Break Video: This is one of those insane, impressive mountain biking videos that just kind of blows your mind. I feel the secondhand fear just watching this dude tackle these gravity-defying jumps. Must've been some magical kind of adrenaline rush. (3 min watch)

Outdoors Indoors Christmas Gift: The indoor off-roader: LEGO releases Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Technic kit. (1 min read)

Gear: This Wearable Sleeping Bag Cures the Winter Blues. (4 min read)

Deal: Polar Vantage 2 Multisport Watch Giveaway - (enter)

Live From The Wild

Whoops, I dropped the camera in the crevasse, @primoz_senk

Kamnik–Savinja Alps

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