Issue 210 - The One With The Former Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Admitting She Really Hates Cold Weather

Mario Lopez will star as the nation’s best-known fried-chicken spokesman in a steamy Lifetime “mini-movie” that hinges less on the chain’s “secret recipe” of 11 herbs and spices

December 8, 2020

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Today's Top Non-MTN News: Colonel Sanders’ Next KFC Commercial Is Also a Steamy Lifetime Drama. (2 min read)

Mario Lopez will star as the nation’s best-known fried-chicken spokesman in a steamy Lifetime “mini-movie” that hinges less on the chain’s “secret recipe” of 11 herbs and spices and more on dysfunctional family dynamics and forbidden love.

Play More: Après Drinks The Right Way During Covid

[Note to readers: I am not snow biased. When I refer to "skiing", I am generalizing as a lazy literary crutch. I am an all-inclusive snow sports person, including snowboarding/riding, XC, telemark]

As we all know, the ski resorts are going to look a little different this year. In addition to the obvious COVID safety precautions with distancing and masks, we are encouraged to tailgate or "Car Lodge" it for eats and drinks.

This may be the most crucial post I write this season: In an effort to always bring my reader’s value, I present to you "How to Set Up the Ultimate Portable Après Bar".

I do condone drinking; it is an integral part of post-winter activities...a "warm down," if you will. However, I do not condone "drinking and driving," so always drink responsibly and have a DD. (5 min read)

If you want to create a portable bar, you’ve got to move beyond just throwing some beers in the cooler. That starts with a portable cocktail set. The Legacy Bar backpack is a 16-piece collection that has everything a roving bartender could need to serve up some fancy camp cocktails.

Waste Less: Bamboo? Maybe Bamdon't (see what I did there?)

Bamboo has long been know as a sustainable choice for gear and apparel. In the Mountain Culture realm, we've started to see bamboo pop up in base layers and apres ski wear, where it has traditionally been dominated by merino wool products. This is an informative post describing the good and bad of bamboo as a sustainable alternative. (6 min read).

It seems there is good and bad with every product purchase decision we make these days, and every company is under pressure to become carbon neutral and full circle. The last thing you want is to be "Carbon Shamed" (I just trademarked that, thanks) on Christmas morning by your 10-year-old 😫.

Two recent thoughts:

  1. Although I am not perfect, I will be looking for more used alternatives for gear and apparel; it's always the most sustainable option. US OptionCAN Option. Maybe not long underwear 😉.

  2. A leader in new mountain sports apparel is Houdini. Check out their stance on sustainability.

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People: Former Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Admits She Really Hates Cold Weather (4 min read)

Flipping Out: For the first time since Jeret “Speedy” Peterson , an American has LANDED a quint - a quintuple twisting triple backflip - on snow! (Tweet)

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More Viv: Here is a fav capture of "momma" cougar with her first cubs (that we knew of). Same #mountainlion as in my pinned tweet (Tweet)

How To: Cowboy Camping for Beginners. (6 min read)

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Climate: How Wildfire Smoke Affects Children’s Health - (2 min read)

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