Issue 211 - The One With The Dog Ears, Bad Sex Award And Ski Bros.

I can feel Maggie's cold fingers and toes just reading this post. Some good takeaways here; first, always, always check your gear, especially if you're going overnight.

December 9, 2020

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Today's Top Non-MTN News: I saw this one in yesterday's "Next Draft" newsletter by Dave Pell:

Bad sex award cancelled as public exposed to ‘too many bad things in 2020’. [☜ I don't disagree with any part of that statement 🤭] (2 min read)

The prize was set up in 1993 by Auberon Waugh, with the intention of “gently dissuading authors and publishers from including unconvincing, perfunctory, embarrassing or redundant passages of a sexual nature in otherwise sound literary novels”

Play More: The Shoulder Season Reminder

I can feel Maggie's cold fingers and toes just reading this post. Some good takeaways here; first, always, always check your gear, especially if you're going overnight. A missing tent peg can be the difference between a pleasant night's sleep in the wild and "nylon pasted to your face" in the morning. [cold weather camping tips here]

Second, pick a date for the "turn over" of your gear. Here in Panorama, that's probably October 1st, especially if you're going to spend time above 7000 ft (2133 m) for any length of time. That means warmer clothing and sleeping bag...and sometimes your tent if you roll with ultralight in the summer.

From my experience, the middle of the night is often the most challenging part of shoulder season camping and backpacking. Daytime is generally manageable, especially if you get some sunshine. But the mercury dips low at night, and it can be impossible to get a good night's rest to recuperate unless you're prepared for it. (7 min read)

Did I check the radar to see the mountain forecast? Nope. If I had, it would have shown me the weather wasn’t going to stay as glorious as the pristine early-autumn day would lead me to believe.

Check out the community over at Backpacking Light for a discussion of more Dumb, Dangerous Mistakes.

Rad Gear: Skip the Live Ski Lesson, Use An App

I've been skiing since I was in my mother's womb, so I don't need any of this tech crap (⬅︎ typical response from typical Ski Bro). No matter how big of a pro (or bro) you are, everyone can use a start of season tune-up on their on-piste turns or maybe their mogul prowess.

This article talks about a few technologies to replace a live ski instructor...which sounds like a good idea for this season of COVID.

I like the sounds of the Skeo...not for me, of course, because I'm an expert 👊 (bro fist bump). My husband might like this for Christmas, he's still advanced intermediate. After visiting the website, it looks like it's just about to launch for sale...I'm getting on the waiting list!

Our Universal Alpine Ranking (UAR) is a way to objectively rank every skier, from first-timer to World Cup Racer.Our FREE SKEO app captures data and runs it through the algorithm to quantify your ski patterns and give you a ranking from 1 to 100.

Maybe I should get two of these to prove how much of a better skier I am...I'm not at all competitive 😏. (2 min read)

Good Links 🔗

US & CAN, Still At War: For the past 116 years, a disputed passageway off the Alaskan coast has spurred a war between the two neighbouring countries. (4 min read)

No, Thank You: Chairlift Partially Derails, Injuring 2 At Washington Ski Area (2 min read)

Lunch Break Evening Video: In “The Ghosts Above,” Sony Artisan photographer and filmmaker Renan Ozturk join an expedition to solve the Mount Everest mystery of who reached the summit first. (35 min watch)

Gear: The Hygge Apparel The Outside Gear Editors Love (5 min read)

People: Jeff Bartlett: Monday morning distraction courtesy of some all-time skating conditions on the Spray Lakes in Kananaskis Country. (Twitter)

How To: Overland Lessons From the Field. (11 min read)

Rom-Com Christmas Ski Video: Still Solo: 'Tis the season for cliché rom coms based in quaint ski towns, so here's ours. Presenting: the ultimate romantic comedy for lonely skiers (2 min watch)

Do Better: Biden Can Rollback Trump’s Environmental Rollbacks—But He Should Go Further (3 min read)

People: Legends Series: Doug Scott, 1941-2020. From the early 1970s to late 1980s, he was a true rock star of mountaineering: so much so, that for young male climbers, a photo of Scott on the summit of Everest often replaced the usual pin-up girl on their wall (6 min read)

Deal: The Moosejaw 96 Hour Holiday Sale: Hand-Picked Deals (4 min read)

Waste Less: Walkers turns to beer-based carbon capture for low-carbon potatoes - (2 min read)

Live From The Wild

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