Issue 212 - The One With The Tallest Mountain Getting Taller

The robot kitchen that will make you dinner – and wash up too. Finally, the ultimate kitchen gadget you never knew you wanted is here – but it will cost you about the same as the average house.

December 10, 2020

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Poll Results:

Which one of these do you identify with most as your personal spirit animal:

​😸 Mountain Lion​ - 9 (15.0%) ⬅︎ my vote!
​🦉 Owl​ - 17 (28.3%)
​🦊 Fox​ - 6 (10.0%)
​🐁 Pika​ - 5 (8.3%)
​🧸 Bear​ - 16 (26.9%)
​𐂂 Moose​ - 7 (11.7%)

Everyone's a winner in my book!...but, technically, the wise old owl got the most love...we must have some academics in the community!

Today's Top Non-MTN News:

The robot kitchen that will make you dinner – and wash up too. Finally, the ultimate kitchen gadget you never knew you wanted is here – but it will cost you about the same as the average house. (2 min read)

Play More: Mount Everest Just Got Taller

Gang...just as a side note, is anyone else getting shorter as they get older? I might have shrunk an inch. Nice to see not everything is shrinking.

People have been measuring and remeasuring the world’s highest peak for more than 170 years, using the latest tech to try to get more precise on each attempt. They started with telescopes and back-of-the-napkin calculus. Now satellites, radar and GPS are the tools.

Nepal and China have finally announced the new, official measurement, of the world’s highest point—29,031.69 feet, or 8,848.86 meters. That’s 86 centimeters higher than the previous official measurement, recorded in the early 1950s - Adventure Journal

As an engineer, I can imagine measuring the exact height is very complicated. I can also see why getting agreement on the height between the neighbouring countries is a tough one, as it appears that the Chinese and the Nepalese measure the height of Everest differently...I kinda agree with the Chinese; measure the rock height, not the snow height. (2 min read)

The more convoluted and time-consuming process is measuring down to sea level. Sea level is a theoretical point when you are hundreds of miles from the sea and to figure it out requires lugging height- and gravity-measuring equipment for the whole distance to the water and thousands of measurements along the way - Wall Street Journal

Waste Less: Gift Ideas Made From Recycled Skis

I've been thinking about you guys a lot...yes, a's the holiday season and I want to make your gear and outdoor apparel gift-giving decisions easier and more sustainable. So I am constantly searching for "gift guides" and deals to post in the Good Links.

If you're looking for something unique and sustainable, Heather Mullins, a Denver-based artist, has the right stuff. Check out her collection of Après Ski Jewelry, made from recycled skis...I'm not sure who is recycling skis...don't you hang your vintage skis on the wall or make a chair?...but I love the idea! (1 min read)

Good Links 🔗

Enough is Enough👽: Monolith #4 Appears At Colorado Ski Resort. (1 min read)

COVID impacts to outdoor recreation: California bans overnight stays in campgrounds over COVID-19 concerns. (2 min read)

Lunch Break Video: What if your first Expedition was to Antarctica?!? Enjoy this new, never before seen film from the 2017 The North Face Antarctica Expedition as viewed through the eyes of "The New Kid," Savannah Cummins. (10 min watch)

Gear: Backcountry Access releases the Tracker4™, it’s new “workhorse” avalanche beacon. (4 min read)

People: U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team: Gotta love the sound of creaking ski boots, pole-clicks and radio-talk. (Twitter)

People: Team Canada: Unlike the other freestyle skiing disciplines (moguls, aerials, halfpipe, slopestyle, big air), ski cross is all about speed. (Twitter)

How To: Teach Kids To Ski (4 min read)

Video Snack: Fabio Wibmer always finds the quickest way home - warning: the action in this video could cause serious harm 💥 (TikTok)

Deal: Get the climber in your life something they’ll actually use: more gear (3 min read)

Waste Less: How to Make the Holidays the #SustainabilitySeason. (2 min read)

People: Meet the next generation of outdoor writers (4 min read)

Lunch Break Video: The Snowboarder Movie: Tangle featuring Denver Orr. - Basically urban snowboarding. (10 min watch)

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