Issue 213 - The One With The Question: Do you know what REI stands for?

I sent you a test email last night from the new address. If you didn't see it, it's probably in your Junk Folder. ☺️

December 11, 2020

I sent you a test email last night from the new address. If you didn't see it, it's probably in your Junk Folder. ☺️

- Kirsten

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Today's Top Non-MTN News:

Some relaxing poetry for you: 20 Haiku About 2020. (3 min read)

My favourite COVID Haiku:

Look, don't get me wrong,

I love my kids, but this shit

Is ridiculous

Play More: Apple's Tim Cook on the Future of Fitness

I thought I would include this post and increase our physical fitness content overall. We are in a four week COVID lockdown in BC right now, and I know most of you are in the same situation. So, hopefully, I can inspire (and maybe educate) you all into some indoor or outdoor physical fitness.

MTN Impact runs entirely on Apple products...including Apple watch drives my physical activity goals, maps out my outdoor adventures and keeps me connected even when I don't have my phone with me. Who wants to carry a big ole phone in the summer when you get outside for a short hike or bike?

We are not total Apple snobs though...we have about ten computers in the house, and only a couple of them are Apple. (I know it's a ridiculous amount but I have three geek teenage sons and one geek husband that all like to build their own gaming desktops, and also each have a laptop for school/work. Me, I'm good with just my Macbook.)

Tim Cook is an outdoor lover, and apparently, Apple is going all-in on fitness.

An avowed nature lover, Cook spoke about his love of America's national parks—he travels to one or more almost every year—and offered frank advice to visitors who spend their time shooting selfies at scenic vistas: "Leave your selfie stick behind and just soak in the beauty of the park itself, because that will stay with you a lot longer."

Useful advice on the selfie stick! Have a read, and then, while you're making dinner later, listen to the podcast with the Outside team and Tim Cook. (3 min read and 70 min listen)

Do Better: REI Holds Vendors Accountable For Climate

Did you know that REI stands for Recreational Equipment Inc? I didn't actually, until today...though I did know that our Canadian equivalent MEC stands for Mountain Equipment Co-op.

REI introduced some great sustainability guidelines for their vendors a couple of years ago. It's a handbook of requirements that companies must meet if they wish to stay on the retailer's shelves.

They've just updated these guidelines to cover diversity, equity, and inclusion as well. (4 min read)

REI expects each brand partner to have in place guidelines for marketing assets, photo casting, and production that ensure diverse and inclusive representation across race, age, gender identity/expression, body size, and disability, and expects photography provided to REI reflect the same.

Good Links 🔗

Retro Coffee Break Video: There was a time in Jackson Hole when skinny skis, neon one-piece suits and big hair reigned supreme. Relics and old stories from this era are scattered around our mountain, and many are on display on the walls of the famous Corbet's Cabin. Legends held true when Jim Ryan unscrewed a pair of retro Völkl P19 207s from the outside of the cabin and relived the glory days of the 80s, delivering a fresh breath of life, classic style and hop turns to Jackson Hole once again. (2 min watch)

More Ski Tech: We featured ski tech in Issue 211 but we missed this has voice commands while you ski. I might like this one the best. (get)

Gear: Hikers Brew: Sustainable Flavored Coffee for the Outdoors (3 min watch)

Ski Dancing: Some happiness with the girls (TikTok)

Gear: The Most Coveted Gear of 2020, According to The Outside Editors (7 min read)

Waste Less: Coca-Cola Named World’s Biggest Plastic Polluter by Wide Margin (2 min read)

Places: 50 Family Adventures Across the U.S. for 2021 (4 min read)

Give Away: 50 Campfires Fire and Ice Sweepstakes: One (1) lucky winner will receive a Fire and Ice Prize Package from QuickSurvive! The prize package, worth over $750. (Enter)

Gear: Gift Guide for the (Stylish!) Outdoorsy Dad (8 min read)

Deals: I call them COVID pants: REI Co-op Teton Fleece Pants. (womens) (mens) - 32% off

Live From The Wild

Do you see the giant manta ray? @malthezimakoff

Highlands of Lofoten, Norway

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