Issue 215 - The One With The Horrifying Presents

December 15, 2020

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Today's Top Non-MTN News:

30 Horrifying Presents That Managers Actually Bought for Employees - If it's the thought that counts, these bosses weren't thinking! (3 min read)

Victoria's Secret gift card. Thought maybe his wife did the shopping until he added the comment, (I had just gotten engaged), he knew there were certain things I needed to buy. 😳 He was twice my age. I recently told this story at his retirement party.

Play More: How Side-by-Sides Are Redefining Adventure

Gang, I like to get to out-of-the-way places to have awesome adventures. I’m not being a sizeist but sometimes the Jeep is too fat to fit down the forgotten pathways that the GPS or Google Maps is pointing us toward.

Many a time Greg has been very cross with me because Google has mistaken a stream bed for a road. Maybe an all-terrain vehicle would be the solution? Would you tow the side-by-side behind the jeep? Do you then move the camping gear and bikes to the side-by-side? Then continue down that goat path for another couple of hours? So many questions but actually sounds kinda fun!

Check out this Outside Online post on the Can-Am Defender Max. Love the track system that allows it to morph “into your own personal snowcat”. Backcountry skiing anyone? (4 min read)

If you’re a mountain biker, rock climber, or hunter, you know a thing or two about slogging up endless dirt roads to get to the goods. Enter the Can-Am Defender MAX: with seating for six people, four-wheel drive, and tons of ground clearance, the last leg into the backcountry is a whole lot faster, easier, and more enjoyable.

Do Better: How To Ski More Sustainably

Just like every business, ski resorts are under the microscope for their environmental practices. Where we are, Panorama makes a lot of early-season snow to accommodate a huge contingent of ski teams that come to train here in November. Snowmaking uses a lot of water…kinda wasted but kinda not (mostly because we get to ski on it…it is well used). Anyway, check out this post focused on Grouse Mountain Resort near Vancouver. (5 min read)

Good Links 🔗

Book Review: The Nature Of Yosemite: A Visual Journey. (5 min read)

Gear: The 28 Best Snowboarding Gifts for the Powder Hounds in Your Life. (Slide)

Coffee Break Video: Take a sneak peek at "DEVIATE," the first backcountry project from legendary shredders Torin Yater-Wallace and Jossi Wells, featuring the duo alongside some of the heaviest-hitting rippers in the industry. (1 min watch)

Waste Less: The Top Eleven Must-See Sustainability Documentaries (5 min read)

People: Viv on Twitter:

Safety: Climbers, If You Are Going into Avalanche Terrain, Please Read This (9 min read)

Scary Coffee Break Video: Watch mesmerizing footage of an avalanche. (2 min watch)

Gear: Holiday Gift Ideas: Outdoors and Camping Gear (7 min read)

🐶 How To: Hike with dogs in the winter. (3 min read)

People: Biden Can Rollback Trump’s Environmental Rollbacks—But He Should Go Further (3 min read)

Coffee Break Video (is 3 coffees a day too much? okay, maybe save this one for lunch break): Top 10 Craziest Skiing Backflips of All Time (3 min watch)

Live From The Wild

Good landing?…or bad landing? - @bokehm0n - Poland

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