Issue 216 - The One With The Saying: With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

December 16, 2020

I have a super cute fox for you today.

- Kirsten​

PS: We got our first community comment. Thanks, Jon!

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Thanks to Jon for pointing out in the comments that colour-blind people have trouble with coloured links. We are fully accessible here and will stay with underlines! Just because you have the technology (to change colours), doesn’t mean you should use it!

With great power, comes great responsibility - Peter Parker

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Today's Top Non-MTN News:

Apple’s Fitness+ Is the Latest Shot in Silicon Valley’s At-Home Workout Wars—Will it Dethrone Peloton?. (4 min read)

As promised, more fitness news for you. Unfortunately, you need to have an Apple Watch for this one. Though apparently you just need the watch to sign up and then you can participate without it if you want… just borrow one from your neighbour. 😉

As I fired up the service on my iPad for the first time, I couldn’t help but feel like the absolute perfect person to pass judgement. After nine months of pandemic life, I’ve tried what feels like every streaming workout and app there is, and I’ve gotten picky.

Play More: I Believe I Can Fly

They believe they can fly…really? I think it’s a genetic thing…why would you want to jump off a perfectly good mountain? Check out this trailer (or you can purchase and stream the whole film) illustrating a new sport that seems to combine base jumping and slackline. I know they’re usually wearing parachutes but it still makes me feel 🤢 !

The two friends are pioneers in ‘highlining’ - a vertiginous combination of climbing, slackline and tightrope walking. Using their skills and experience as climbers, the pair push their boundaries beyond the realms of possibility as they embark on a new evolution of their sport.

RAD Gear: High-Performance Face Masks for Skiing and Riding Fog-Free

Pre-warning, this is a “first-world problem”: As we were riding up the chair lift yesterday, during our lunch-time ski break, we transitioned quickly from flat light to intense sunlight and Greg complained that he needed “quick-change” goggle lenses for these conditions. Sure enough (I’ve said before, “they” are always listening), something appears in my feed the next morning to solve the problem.

One of the items mentioned in this post is the Anon M4 Torric-Lens goggles that have a super quick magnetic lens changing system. What is more interesting is that they have integrated a quick-release magnetic face mask system directly into the googles. Super cool and useful these days with COVID restrictions.

Just a heads up, some of the items are tough to get. I checked the Buff Canada site and it seems the Filter Tube model (shown in the picture) is sold out, however, there is some stock on the U.S. site.

The post is from Men’s Journal, so it’s showcasing the men’s version but there are women’s versions available also. The EVO Arc Dynamax™ Dana looks to be unisex. (3 min read)

Good Links 🔗

Gear: The Best Fat Tire Bikes of 2020-2021. (9 min read)

Van Life: Mercedes-Benz to Make Electric Sprinter Van—And It’s Coming to the U.S. - not sure about Canada. 😞 (2 min read)

🦌 Escaped From The North Pole?:

Waste Less: This is the story of how sustainably crafted snowboards first emerged 25 years ago. Arbor Collective: Crossing The Grain - Official Teaser (1 min watch)

Lunch Break Video: Latin America's Craziest Adventures | Red Bull Top 5 (5 min watch)

The Backcountry Boom: "To all the newbies, you should be nervous. I'm nervous," Jones says. "The mountains — you are entering a wild place." (4 min read)

COVID: Glaciers: The hidden source of pandemics? (5 min read)

Gear: Comparison Between a Rooftop Tent and a Truck Camper (6 min watch)

Movie Time: The Top 10 Climbing Videos of 2020. (6 min read)

People: The Chairlift Whiteboard is a Lifty’s Swiss Army Knife. (2 min read)

Deals: Last-Minute Gifts: Up to 40% Off Gear During REI’s Sale. (5 min read)

Live From The Wild

Bad Hair Day (as suggested by a commenter) - u/westondebeor - Somewhere in the Artic

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