Issue 221 - The One With The Big Christmas Question: Real or Fake?

December 23

Have a great holiday break! See you in January.

- Kirsten​

PS: Remember to Play More, Waste Less and Do Better over the holidays!

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Poll Results:

What is your favourite Holiday movie?

🚐 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation - 31.6% - Greg’s Favourite

🔫 Die Hard - 10.5%

🏚 Home Alone - 31.6%

🧝 Elf - 10.5%

📖 A Christmas Story - 10.5%

🎅 A Christmas Carol - 5.3%

Hmmm, now I’ve realized that I may have forgotten to include my favourite on the list...maybe because it’s always changing? When the kids were little it was Arthur Christmas, and then for a couple of years it was definitely A Bad Moms Christmas (haha!) and now it’s probably something romantic, like Last Christmas (with 3 teenage boys there are a lot of action movies watched in my house, so on special occasions when I get to pick….)

Today's Top Non-MTN News:

100+ Hacks for Boosting Your Happiness Chemicals. We could all use some happiness hacks after 2020! (3 min read)

Best hack:

Spend more time outside and learn to appreciate everyday nature.

Waste Less:  The Big Christmas Question - Real or Fake?

Which Christmas tree is most environmentally positive? (two takes, basically saying the same thing: CBC and MSN)

I’ll sum it up:

  1. Best case scenario: An outdoor tree (I assume potted) that you can bring in for the holidays and then plant outside afterwards. I’m not sure about the logistics or aesthetics (tiny tree?) of this one… but I imagine our cats would enjoy climbing it and our dogs would enjoy peeing on it. 🙄

  2. Second best case: Keep using that artificial tree that you already own…you need to keep using it for 20 years to make it environmentally equivalent to #3.

  3. If you’re starting from scratch, don’t buy an artificial tree…believe it or not…go live. According to the Sierra Club:

People who want to reduce their carbon footprint should make sure their tree is grown locally, without pesticides, and is properly recycled after the holiday season. The best way to recycle a tree is by turning it into mulch or compost by getting it chipped. But whatever you do, never leave a real tree in a landfill.

There you have it…as I always say…real ones are better than fake ones. 😉

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RAD Gear:  A Brief Excursion into Skiing's Cyborg Future

My legs are tired and sore…I’m not sure why…wait, let’s reflect on yesterday’s activities…I started with Zoom yoga at 7:30 a.m., strapped on the planks for my morning tour through the powder, then jumped back on Zoom at noon for some remote strength and mobility training, then took an afternoon stroll to the store for some eggs. I might need some cyborg technology to keep me going… but I’ll probably just stick to wine and coffee. 😜

How would you like a little artificial intelligence and portable hydraulics to keep you moving? Strap on these hydraulic leg braces, and you will go from arthritic knees to feeling like you are 18 again as you carve down the corduroy. (4 min read)

The frame buckles around your lower and upper legs and attaches to a small compressor, carried in a backpack, that controls the air pressure. Proprietary artificial-intelligence software that runs the compressor “learns” how much support is best for your level of skiing. It’s wearable tech on steroids.

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Good Links 🔗

Bad Links: Ontario Government announces ski hills here must close for the next 28 days. Is skiing really a danger for covid? (Reddit) (Ontario lockdown measures will be ‘devastating’, says ski hill operator - CBC)

Coffee Break Video: GoPro Awards: Million Dollar Challenge Highlight Reel. (2 min watch)

People: The First Words from the ‘Barrier-Busting’ Nominees for Biden’s Climate Team (4 min read)

How To: Plan the Best Camping Trip for You and Your Friends. (3 min read)

Do Better: Vail Resorts Announces Major Milestone and Investment Towards Goal of Zero Net Operating Footprint. (2 min read)

Waste Less: Eco-friendly Ways to Decorate Your Home This Holiday Season. (3 min read)

How To: Not Die In The Woods. (5 min read)

Lunch Break Video: These 10 female skiers and riders are redefining what it means to Freeski. And they’re doing it on their own terms. (16 min watch)

One Final 2020 Message:

Live From The Wild

Take these steps to a healthy, happy and safe 2021 - @gabrielevinci - From Pico Ruivo to Pico Do Arieiro - Madeira Island (Portugal)

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