Issue 222 - The One With The Whistler Saundola

January 7, 2021

I hope everyone’s holiday was as great as mine. My favourite present was from the family, who actually gave me 2 days off…as a mom, I’m never actually “on holiday” unless it’s at an all-inclusive resort… so last year I got 2 days off, woot!!

#thefamilyCEO’s work is never done!

I’m not really complaining; I love my ‘job’ and I get to ⛷ every day.

- Kirsten

PS: As discussed in yesterday’s rather lengthy diatribe (sore typing fingers emoji), the new format is Mon-Thu: 3-5 of the best links in the outdoors and, Friday: the full monty.

PPS: I thought I would start the year off by writing this one. Greg said he would help put out some of the Mon-Thu issues but he is not that witty so give it a thumbs down if it doesn’t hold water to my awesomeness 😎.

Good Links 🔗

Play More: Rubicon Expedition Products flipped the script on Roof Top Tents (2 min read)

Play More: This one is now on my to-do list! (1 min read)

Lunch Break Video(s): Number 8 makes my teeth hurt 😬. (5 min watch)

How To: This is an in-depth guide…and when I say in-depth, I mean, really f’ing long but great info. (17 min read)

From The Wild

Just when we thought COVID was done, we have turned around and headed back in… (or simply the 🍆 Road…whichever one you like 🤭 )

@_marcelsiebert, The Black Forest, Germany

How is the new format?

😍 - I like it better
🤔 - It's Good
😴 - Indifferent
😡 - Sucks Butts
🥳 - I can't wait for Greg to take over this shit pile