Issue 223 - The One With The Terrifying Avalanche Burial

January 8, 2021

Welcome to the Friday edition. It’s a bit beefier…but hopefully still a good and fast read.

Those of you who have been around for a while probably recognize that the tone of the newsletter is very informal…I generally write as I would speak. The tone is intended to make the newsletter friendly, approachable, and kinda like we’re having coffee together. The contractions, ellipses, and short paragraphs are basically a good morning hug for you! 🤗

Also, since I am, in fact, a member of the British Commonwealth, late last year we moved to the Canadian/British spellings…so when I say you guys are my favourites…I still mean favorites for my U.S. peeps!

- Kirsten​

PS: It’s Friday and that brings about our first $100 donation of the year to an organization that shares the mantra of Play More, Waste Less and Do Better (see 5 sections below).

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Today's Top Non-MTN News: 10 Eco-Friendly Subscription Boxes

Do you like getting surprise boxes in the mail? Then check out these self-proclaimed (that means untested by MTN Impact) eco-friendly alternatives. (8 min read)

In my efforts to ‘waste less’, I’m all about getting rid of disposable plastic in my house these days (I’m even using shampoo bars!) so I like the sounds of the greenUP box:

This company slims down the options by focusing on “[six] boxes and [six] major areas of your life” all of which aim to replace disposable plastic completely. Their passion to eliminate plastics goes beyond the box you purchase. greenUP gives three percent of their income to “partner organizations that clean up the plastic that’s already in our oceans.”

Play More:  Backcountry Safety Message

Last summer, COVID-19 sent flocks of people to the mountains, hiking and biking to get away from it all. Park officials, both in Canada and the US warned novices about the dangers of recreating in the wilds, especially as rescue operators were stretched thin.

As snow continues to fall in Canada and most northern states, many now worry about a flood of newcomers to the winter backcountry causing a similar deluge of accidents, mainly due to…yes, you can say it…avalanches, the Tsunami of the Mountains.

We’re taking our Avalanche Skills Training 1 this weekend with playwest and have already completed the written portion…it was terrifying. Below, a similar but slightly less terrifying video to what was in the training material (in our video the person was unable to yell and all you hear for two minutes are his muffled attempts to breathe). Your survival chance drops by 80% after 15 minutes! Luckily this one was fast.

Everyone be safe out there and definitely get your training and required essential gear if you are hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding or even geo-caching in the backcountry.

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RAD Gear: The Toyota “Trailer” For Adventuring Fun

It’s getting more and more difficult to fit a long weekend’s worth of gear into the back of the truck. With the camping gear taking up the truckbed, the RTT on racks over the truck bed, and, of course, the top open on the Jeep, we have to put the mountain bikes on a hitch rack. The hitch rack isn’t very stable when you’re offroading and bikes have almost detached from us a few times. A trailer might be the solution. There are a few aftermarket offroad trailer solutions on the market, but this is the only one I’ve seen from a large mainstream company.

…it features a scissor-lift that raises an innovative rigid platform several feet out of the bed. a yakima four-person tent complete with an awning and fly fishing-pole holders, a custom-built toilet and trash can, a refrigerator, a hot water heater, shower curtain, a generator, a battery, a 16-gallon fresh water reservoir tank, a 15-gallon gray water holding tank, and a slide-out sink and stove ensure you will have everything you need while off the road.

The most important thing…it has a built-in bathroom! Not exactly an indoor bathroom but, for me, whose greatest fear is peeing in the outdoors, it’s a step in the right direction! (1 min read + lots of pics)

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Do Better: $100 Donation To Wildsight

Wildsight always has great pics, so I included a recent Twitter post so you can all follow them. This is a local donation for us in the Columbia Valley and surroundings.

The Organization: Wildsight

What do they do: Protect wildlife, water and wild places in Canada’s Columbia and Rocky Mountain regions.

What do they really do: Wildsight’s approach is unique. They not only work to shape and influence land-use decisions, but they guide, practice, and steward change on the ground. They work with industry, scientists and all levels of government, including First Nations. They partner with other local, provincial, national and international conservation organizations to achieve our goals.

Why They Are Important: In 2020, they celebrated their 20th year of environmental education programs. Since 2000, they’ve taken more than 85,000 kids outside to connect with their wild backyards and watersheds through their eight different education programs!

They have a great Instagram also, which I will feature below in From The Wild.

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Coffee Break Video: Technically challenging and super demanding, the training program for an EWS rider must be complete. (2 min watch)

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Deals: Women's HeatGear Armour Leggings. (Under Armour) - 24% off

Fitness: The 3 most overrated exercises for skiers. (8 min read)

Waste Less: What’s the bigger climate threat: Single-use plastic or long-haul shipping? (5 min read)

Live From The Wild

That is July 1st - Canada Day…very appropriate Canadian photo - @wildsight - Purcell Mountains near Jumbo Glacier, British Columbia

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