Issue 224 - The One With The Horse Raised by Goats

January 11, 2021

Be kind to me, it’s my first try at this.

We had some awesome avalanche training this weekend with Playwest! Chris is an amazing guy and a great teacher. MTN Impact highly recommends doing your AST 1 with them.

- Greg

PS: Remember this is the short “social media” ish version from Mon - Thurs and then the wam-bam exciting version comes on Friday.

Friday’s Poll Results:

What was your top New Year’s Resolution for 2021?

⛷ Play more - 29%
🥦 Eat healthier - 8%
♻️ Waste less - 25%
🍔 Get fatter - 4% <—- Really 😂 😢
💸 Do better - 13%
👎 No resolutions - 21%

A new poll coming on Friday…send in your ideas (just reply to the email).

Good Links 🔗

Good Pics: Check out the pop of purple in the foreground of #5. The cyclone forming over the mountains in #2 is very cool…not photoshopped, hopefully. (3 min Read)

Coffee Break Video: We are Jeep people, but this Bronco video is so well done, I may have to switch (not really 😉 ) (1 min watch) 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐴

Waste Less: You can rent this eco and MTN bike-friendly cabin now on Airbnb. Availability in April for $331 per night (2 min read)

How To: Backcountry Snowboarding…apparently with your dog ⇩ Though probably not with our french bulldog…she is too ‘big-boned’ for her short legs and wouldn’t make it through the deep snow (5 min read)

From The Wild

I see avalanche hazards everywhere now…damn you, Chris!

@artistpointandshootOn a Mountain in Washington

How is the new format?

😍 - I like it better
🤔 - It's Good
😴 - Indifferent
😡 - Sucks Butts
🥳 - I can't wait for Greg to take over this shit pile