Issue 225 - The One With The Invasive Plant Buffet

January 12, 2021

Hmmm…I didn’t get fired and no one unsubscribed. So I will do it again.

- Greg

PS: Remember this is still the short “social media” ish version from Mon - Thurs, and then the wam-bam exciting version comes on Friday. 🥳

Good Links 🔗

Play More: Check out #5 Forage a Meal, “Weeds and invasive plants are both the best choice to harvest and the easiest to find…and taking a few for your dinner does more good than harm for the environment.”🤢 🤔 🤮 (3 min read)

Play More: If you are in the Twitterati or a perhaps a Gram’r follow Sasha…super inspirational. This tweet blew my mind and I want one of those wall treadmills! (Twitter Video)

COVID: For my Canadian camping and hiking peeps. (1 min read)

Waste Less: Upcycling, also known as “creative reuse,” is the process of transforming waste materials into products perceived to be of greater quality. (2 min read)

Coffee Break Video: For some reason…I guess it’s called “telemarking”… this guy doesn’t like his heal snapped in…bizzare. (1 min watch)

From The Wild

Is this one of those temporary winter ice bars?….ice swim-up bar, perhaps?

@sebastien.nagy, Cavo Tagoo Mykonos, Greece

How is the new format?

😍 - I like it better
🤔 - It's Good
😴 - Indifferent
😡 - Sucks Butts