Issue 226 - The One With The North Face Thermoball

January 13, 2021

This is the new Wednesday gear issue, including Deals, How To’s and Reviews. In this particular issue…I can’t personally recommend any of the items, nor speak to their sustainability…but I love deals! I can’t pay full price for anything…it makes me 🤮….and always go for a used alternative if you can…except for maybe underwear…definitely buy new.

- Greg

PS: Remember this is still the short “social media” ish version from Mon - Thurs, and then the wam-bam exciting version comes on Friday. 🥳

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Good Links 🔗

Deal #1: This is The North Face seasonal sale at Backcountry. Be sure to check The North Face used/refurbished gear store “Renewed” before you buy. Used gear is the most sustainable option and usually much cheaper! For example, the men’s new Thermoball jacket (limited colours) is on sale for US$150, and the same jacket can be found in the refurbished store for US$100. Yes Canucks, Backcountry ships to Canada (also internationally) via UPS. (Get)

Deal #2: I am late getting this one to you (from Jan. 8th), but these deals are still on as of writing this (Jan. 12 - evening). The REI Co-op Norquest GTX Insulated Jacket (this is the men’s) looks like a decent deal at US$149 (%50 off) for a fully seam-sealed, lightweight 2-layer GORE-TEX that is Fair Trade Certified and is Bluesign. <— Lot’s of helpful reviews on that one. REI ships to Canada and Internationally. (Get)

Deal #3: For my Canadian folks, up to 60% off at MEC. The North Face Thermoball Jacket (as discussed above for US$150) for CAN$125! My US peeps might want to consider buying at MEC (they ship to the US). (Get)

How To: Build an upcycled backpack. The airbags saved a life, and now you can reward it with an outdoor adventure! (5 min read)

How To: COVID’s most popular winter sport…uphill skiing…super in-depth, I learned a lot. (16 min read)

Lunch Break Video: No gear here, just dudes touring Japan in a Van…including skiing and surfing. Very artsy shooting on Super 8 analogue film…I definitely wanted the pixels…whew, made me have an 80’s flashback!! (4 min watch)

From The Wild

Apparently, this canal doesn’t exist anymore (pulled the pic from Insta video).

@giveusthisdaneSalt flats in Utah