Issue 227 - The One With The Boat Loads Of Talisker Scotch

January 14, 2021

You guys are animals, the MEC jacket we posted yesterday was sold out of every size but small by 8:00 a.m. (MST). Everyone must be spending time outside during this pandemic winter! That’s all for me this week. Kirsten will be back tomorrow and full time once the high school semester ends.

- Greg

PS: Remember this is still the short “social media” ish version from Mon - Thurs, and then the wam-bam exciting version comes on Friday. 🥳

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Play More: I have a love-hate relationship with the oceans. I love to vacation, relax and look at the ocean but I don’t like (really actually terrified 😳 🦈 ) to adventure there. I like to breathe, so I stay above water, which means that I usually don’t include water stuff like surfing in the newsletter anymore, but I couldn’t resist this one…mostly because I love Talisker Whisky (the sponsor) (4 min read and 1 min watch)

Gear: I meant to squeeze this one in yesterday, but I was too excited by all the deals happening on gear. We use Biolite products and, specifically, this camp stove. You can charge your phone while you make your coffee! If you’re planning some backpacking or camping this summer, you should buy it now because, as we know from 2020, good gear will be difficult to find in the spring. (2 min read)

PS: The Campstove 2 bundle is out of stock right now on the US site (it says coming in Jan 2021), but the bundle is still available on the Canadian site.

Mountain Culture: Everything that comes out of AJ is marvellous. We aspire just to be 5% as good as them. If you’re a fan too, support them by subscribing to their hard copy journal. We have them on our coffee table and they are works of art! (4 mins watch)

How To: Cross Country Skiing Tips. Those skinny skis scare the 💩 out of me. Follow Brave Ski Mom on Twitter or Instagram, good stuff. (4 min read)

Waste Less: If you’re buying new or used gear, buy Patagonia. They are at the leading edge of sustainability, specifically focused on the current “consumptive” practices in the outdoor gear and fashion industries. The Twitter post has a short video or (6 min read).

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