Issue 228 - The One With The Broken Ribs That Didn't Make the Top 10

January 15, 2021

Welcome to the Friday edition. It’s a bit 🐄 ier…but hopefully still a good and fast read.

You can be honest with me, how did Greg do during the week? (he won’t see this 🤥 ) It was crap right? You want me back?

👍 Yes, he was crap.

👍 Yes, please come back.

- Kirsten​

PS: It’s Friday and that brings about our second weekly $100 donation of the year to an organization that shares the mantra of Play More, Waste Less and Do Better (more details below).

PPS: This friggin’ icicle has been hanging from the house for more than a week. It’s sharp and super dangerous but we can’t reach it. Might need to call in a professional.

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Friday Poll:

If you were stranded on an island (or Mountain?🤔 ), what would you want the most?

⛑ First aid kit
🧥 Warm clothing
🚤 A raft <—- mountain sled?
🆘 An SOS signal
🍔 Food supply
🍹 Booze supply

Today's Top Non-MTN News: 

From The Morning Brew: “Yesterday, Netflix dropped a slate of 71 movies for 2021—that's more than one per week. It’s like they know we completely forgot how to socialize...”

Play More:  Avalanche Victims Are Trending Older —>👴🏼

So you’ve read the title and now, like me, you’re probably thinking…how old are these victims? 60, 65? I hate to burst your bubble but the study showed that “the median age of deaths was 27 from 1950 to 1989. But since 1990, that age has risen to 33”. Wait, what? Okay, I guess the title said “trending older”, not “old”, because in my books 33 is definitely not that old. Anyway, avalanche fatalities are popping up daily in my feed lately, so go and get your avalanche training before you go frolicking in the backcountry and if you already think you’re a pro in the backcountry please note:

The “sunk cost” effect, a false sense of confidence, and fading backcountry skills may all explain why. 

(4 min read)

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Play More: Mountain Biking Injuries

This is Greg chiming in, even though Kirsten’s writing the newsletter today. I saw this article and wanted to share because I’ve had my fair share of mountain bike injuries, including broken ribs that are still tender after 5 years. It turns out I am a unique flower…ribs didn’t make the top 10…boom…how is that for being totally extreme?!

Check out some cool info on MTN Biking injuries:

The shoulder (12.8% of all injuries) followed by the head (9.0%), hand (9.0%) and lower leg (8.0%) were the most commonly injured body locations

The thoracic spine (45 days), thumb (34 days), shoulder (26 days) and ankle (23 days) were the most severely injured.

Granted, these are pro enduro racers, so they’re probably going much faster than us “dad-bod” riders.

Anyway, don’t read this boring study, it’s only fun when I talk about it. (10 min read)

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Do Better: $100 Donation To Outdoor Recreation Council of BC

The Organization: Outdoor Recreation Council of BC

What do they do: The ORCBC works to ensure all British Columbians have opportunities to engage in enjoyable, quality outdoor recreation experiences through programs, advocacy and government relations, and by providing support for a broad membership of outdoor recreation organizations and groups.

What do they really do: The ORCBC documents the positive impact of outdoor recreation not just on health and well-being but also in terms of social inclusion, community cohesion, volunteering, Indigenous reconciliation, rural development and economic diversification. Additionally, they facilitate improved access and inspire British Columbians to recreate outdoors while using advocacy and education to protect natural places and encourage safe and responsible use.

Why They Are Important: In 2020, COVID-19 impacted the world with widespread lockdowns impacting mental health and wellness. Research has shown that there are significant mental health benefits from participating in outdoor activities. So here at MTN Impact, we want to encourage everyone to get outside while ensuring our wild places' protection and that people have sufficient education to stay safe out there.

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Lunch Time Video: The most mind-blowing competition in skiing and snowboarding, Kings & Queens of Corbet’s, raised the bar once again last season. 2020 Recap.

Live From The Wild

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