Issue 229 - The One With The Moose On The Loose

January 18, 2020

We experimented with Greg (my husband) writing last week…he was okay, but I am back by popular demand!

- Kirsten

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Friday’s Poll Results:

If you were stranded on an island (or Mountain?🤔 ), what would you want the most?

⛑ First aid kit - 5.3%

🧥 Warm clothing - 0%

🚤 A raft <—- mountain sled? - 21.1%

🆘 An SOS signal - 15.8%

🍔 Food supply - 42.1%

🍹 Booze supply - 15.8% <—- disappointingly low 🧐 😂

Good Links 🔗

Loose Moose: Let’s get warmed up with a video of a moose loose on the beginner hill. Fun to watch, but it could be terrifying if you left your 4-year-old at ski lessons and saw this on Twitter. (10 sec watch)

Play More: On Friday, we posted a recap of Jackson Hole’s 2020 Corbet’s ski run challenge, apparently the most mind-blowing competition in skiing and snowboarding. Well, how about the same run on a mountain bike?…no thanks! 😳 (3 min watch)

Do Better: It’s getting hotter, folks…let the climate shaming begin! Just kidding, shaming is not the way friends… 

…most important thing to do is to begin that conversation with what we most agree about, rather than what we most disagree about. CBC

Let’s all agree it’s getting hotter..hard to dispute the thermometer…and snow sporting season will be shorter… which sucks for everyone!

The moral of the tweet below is: It’s getting hot, but it’s gonna be much hotter if we don’t make some lifestyle changes. Here are the big buckets:

Waste Less, Do Better and keep on Playing More. (2 min read)

How To: Be a mom and a professional skier (or any professional!). Ingrid Backstrom struggled with this question when having kids and balancing a career. By pursuing both, she learned that it is only you who can define who you are. (3 min watch)

Stay Fit: CES wrapped up last week, so I thought I would post some fitness tech. Fitness posts are always the most popular at MTN Impact. (4 min read)

From The Wild

Wonderwall by Oasis…amazing song…the ’90s were great for music, @unchartedbackpackerDeserts of Peru.