Issue 230 - The One With The Gigantic Shark Eating Puffin

January 19, 2021

A little bit rushed today… super busy helping high school/university kids during exam time/start of new semester…sometimes it feels like full-time homeschooling. Hopefully, I captured the best outdoor and sustainability highlights for you in today’s newsletter.

I left the “PS” from yesterday because we have so many new readers. So if you already saw it, just do a quick scroll past :)

- Kirsten

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Good Links 🔗

Do Better: This is an informative (tear-jerking😉) video explaining why we do what we do here at MTN Impact. (3 min watch)

We imagine them [mountains] generally intact, little impacted by humans, and with no pollution. Unfortunately, this is not true. Human activities like mining, livestock, energy production and tourism impact on Mountains. Human activities pollute mountains, change them, and change the complex interaction network of the species communities living there. Mountains are very fragile environments and are among the regions that are most sensitive to climate change and to the impacts of human activities. They need protection, urgently.

Play More: It seems that 2021 is the year of the avalanche. More untrained people in the backcountry = more people triggering persistent and windblown slab avalanches (just showing off for Chris <— MTN Impact subscriber and an awesome teacher). Check out this Facebook video footage and imagine yourself skiing/riding through that. If you’re in need of avalanche training and are in the Calgary/East Kootenay/Columbia Valley Area contact Chris at Play West.

Check out AJ’s post on how to make safe decisions when avalanche danger looms…hopefully, it never “looms” for you! (9 min read)

How To: Backpacking Adventures: Spend the evening with Al Humphreys (<—- MTN Impact subscriber and awesome newsletter author!), Athena Mellor and Chris Townsend as they talk about the joy of journeys by foot and the freedom that ultralight backpacking gives them. Join for stories and tips for your own adventures. (Zoom link and details)

Fitness: Stong obliques = strong powder turns. (20 min workout)

Coffee Break Video: GoPro Awards: MTB with Hot Air Balloons in Cappadocia…I am actually the daughter of a former hot air balloon pilot! (1 min watch)

From The Wild

This is Greg…I was so excited when I saw this post that Kirsten let me share it with you…the Puffin is the most magical beast…20 ft tall…those are sharks in its beak 🧐@bertiegregorySkomer Island, Wales.