Issue 233 - The One With Bernie Sander's Epic Meme Fest

January 22, 2021

Welcome to the Friday edition. It’s a bit 🐄 ier…but hopefully still a good and fast read. So many videos in my feed today…sorry to all you peeps who like to read. We also have Bernie Sanders, Tim Ferriss, Cass Hebron and Jamie Hills. Sadly, no Lindsey Vonn today 😔 😂.

- Kirsten​

PS: It’s Friday, and that brings about our second weekly $100 donation of the year to an organization that shares the mantra of Play More, Waste Less and Do Better (more details below).

Today’s Guest Star 🌟

Let me introduce you to an awesome newsletter called The Green Fix (<— subscribe here or give a read first) by Cass Hebron (<— follow on Twitter). Each bi-weekly issue is focused on unpacking climate 'jargon' (<— I need this!) and the most effective ways people can impact climate action (<— we love this!). Each edition’s topic is determined by audience polls in advance and features a guest post.

My favourite quote from her first issue (October 7, 2020)

And I would argue that spending time feeling bad about the small changes you were unable to make - that last-minute plastic-wrapped sandwich at the airport, the guilt-riddled car journey - are the least helpful of all. While we worry about our individual carbon footprint, large corporations like Shell continue to pour oil into the ocean.

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Today's Top Non-MTN News: Want to start 2021 on the right health and fitness path? This is a great blog post from Tim Ferriss that will help with your plan. Of course, the basics will never change…eat healthily and exercise…however, Tim goes into a bit more detail than that…think “slow-carb” diet and get yourself a kettlebell. (4 min read)

  1. Weight training will help with fat loss and appearance more than cardio, as it helps to build muscle, which then changes your metabolism.

  2. As they say, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” We all have abs, and it’s diet that will make them visible or invisible, so diet is 90%-plus of seeing abs.

  3. Supplements can be helpful, but they are called “supplements” for a reason. They should supplement other more important changes to diet and exercise.

Play More:  Why Is it So Hard to Honestly Portray Backpacking on Social Media?

Social media definitely provides inspiration for us to see places we never knew existed or to get information on one of our dream destinations. However, if you are noobs (<— a term of affection) heading into the backcountry, please don’t use Instagram as a key source for your preparedness plan! (5 min read)

People aren’t seeing the tent being pitched with frozen fingers on a slanted campsite, or miles of monotonous grey sky barely visible through thick branches. Instagram portrays a false reality, which can make the actual experience disappointing at best, painful and dangerous at worst.

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Play More: Shop With An Expert Or Be The Expert And Get Paid with

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Step #5: Go outside.

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Step #3. Go outside with your new friends.

Do Better: $100 Donation To Avalanche Canada Foundation

The Organization: Avalanche Canada Foundation (US equivalent: American Avalanche Association)

What do they do: The Avalanche Canada Foundation supports the work of Avalanche Canada, which is a non-government, not-for-profit organization dedicated to public avalanche safety. They also provide grants, scholarships and memorial funds to advance research in snow science and help many complete their professional avalanche industry training.

What do they really do: Funding from the Foundation allows Avalanche Canada to provide programs and tools that help winter backcountry users of all types better manage their risk in avalanche terrain. These programs include providing daily public avalanche forecasts, developing and coordinating public avalanche education in Canada, delivering youth awareness and training seminars, creating and delivering programs targeting specific user groups, and contributing to snow safety research.

Why They Are Important: At MTN Impact, you know we love to Play More. Avalanche Canada's mission is: "To inspire, engage, and empower recreationists to enjoy Canada's winter backcountry and be safe from avalanches." Let's help fund them through the Avalanche Canada Foundation and keep everyone safely enjoying the backcountry this winter! 

Good Links 🔗

Family Outdoors: A Simple Plan to Get Your Family Outside More Often…You Can Do It. (5 min read)

COVID: French Ski Season CANCELLED. (1 min read)

Do Better: By the age of 14, girls are dropping out of sport at twice the rate of boys. Jaime Hill, the founder of Hilltop MTB and a Juliana Bicycles ambassador, creates opportunities for girls to stay outside and thrive. (5 min watch)

How To: 6 Hacks for Staying Warm in Cold Weather (4 min read)

Play More: He is back! Conor Macfarlane schools us on how to enjoy New Zealand’s Winter-Summer shoulder season best, in a new video by Tilt-Shift; Peak to Pub. (3 min watch)

Outdoor People: Bernie Sanders, Dressed in Burton Gear for Presidential Inauguration, Inspires Epic Meme Fest. (2 min review of memes)

How To: Set Up a Backcountry Repair Kit. (4 min read)

Coffee Break Video: Climb Your Dreams. “For so many, the outdoors and its related activities provide an outlet, a way of escaping every day and reconnecting with the natural world and like-minded individuals. For others still, serious lack of diversity and representation within that same space and those same activities can be discouraging”. (2 min watch)

Live From The Wild

The translucent dome over the valley. @kh1911, Panorama, British Columbia