Issue 234 - The One With Backcountry Ski Hut On Wheels.

January 25, 2021

Lindsey Vonn is back in the news plus more crazy sh*t I wouldn’t do, backcountry ski huts on wheels and homemade hand warmers. Enjoy.

- Kirsten

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Friday Poll Results:

What’s on your outside adventure agenda for this weekend?

🏂 To The Ski Resort! - 28%
🏔 Snowshoeing/Hiking/Walk - 24%
🔥 Camping - 10%
🚲 Biking - 10%
❄️ Too Cold To Go Outside - 14%
⁇ Other (Leave a Comment) - 14% (no comments left so I guess we’ll just have to wonder what they did 🤔)

Good Links 🔗

Play More: My bucket list has a big hole in the bottom and this definitely fell out. 😉 (6 min watch)

COVID: Ski resorts are closed for meals, so lunchtime and après drinks have moved to the parking lot. With the Winter Camper you can have a few drinks, then stay over and ski Sunday! (2 min read)

The Winter Camper is merely a show vehicle, but Nissan Europe does say that the Nissan Camper Technology Luxury Kit used to transform it into a camper van will be available for e-NV200 and e-NV200 Evalia models.

Outdoor People: Vonn is done with dogs and on to sports commentary. (2 min read plus 3 min watch for 5 things about Lindsey Vonn)

Lindsey Vonn, the winningest woman in alpine skiing World Cup history, will join NBC Sports’ alpine skiing telecasts this Saturday and Sunday.

Waste Less: How to Recycle Your Used Hiking Shoes. (5 min read)

That brings the total to about 20,000 pairs of shoes possibly used by hikers in 2019 alone!…The point is — we in the hiking community (and some folks that aren’t) — use an excessive amount of shoes!! Where do they all go? The landfill? Deep in your closet? A thrift store?

Waste Less: I’ve been looking for an alternative to the wasteful disposable hand warmers for cold ski days. Recently, I’ve been using small rechargeable heaters in my gloves but they’re too bulky for holding ski poles as well, so I might have to try this! (3 min read)

While those little disposable hand warmers surprisingly aren’t especially toxic, they do create a constant stream of waste.

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