Issue 237 - The One With The RENU Announcement

January 28, 2021

Imagine a comfy wearable sleeping bag + a broken leg + 636 inches of snow base + a new MTN Impact initiative all rolled into one newsletter…holy crap…we give this away for free?… I might have to rethink my business plan 🤔…lol as if we have a business plan 🤪.

- Kirsten

PS: The X Games are back this weekend. Those without cable, fear not! Most of Friday’s events and the Men’s Big Air on Saturday will be aired live on the X Games YouTube Channel. You can find out more about catching all the action here.

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Good Links 🔗

Waste Less: …is it a jumpsuit?…is it a sleeping bag?…is it made for Netflix on the couch eating popcorn?…the answer is all of the above. Did I mention it’s made from plastic bottles? (Get)

Outdoor Safety: Accidents don’t just happen in the backcountry; you can break your leg in-bounds in the resort too. If you’re skiing or riding alone, anywhere, bring your safety kit, including your phone (hand-held radio if there’s no service), first aid kit (including C-splint), thermal blanket and some food. (13 min watch, but you get the point right away)

Play More: Norwegian Ski Area Currently Has A Base of 636" Of SNOW! (1 min read + short Instagram video)

The Fonna glacier ski area in Norway is reporting a 15.9 meter (53 foot) base after a May blizzard dropped an additional metre (40 inches) of snow on the ski hill this past weekend.

Do Better: If you don’t trust me, listen to the experts at Gear Junkie. Used gear is good for the planet…it just takes a bit more effort. (3 min read or links directly below).

  1. Patagonia Worn Wear - Used Patagonia stuff.

  2. Geartrade - must have a U.S. address.

  3. Isella Outdoor - consignment setup, not sure yet if they work with Canadians. It has an upfront fee.

  4. REI Used Gear - The buyer’s side: It’s great. The trade-in side: It’s OK.

  5. The North Face Renewed - Used North Face stuff. Pricing is great for used items. We’re talking 50% off the market price for ThermoBall jackets.

***This just in, check out RENU, (<— this is me, Kirsten!) the new kid on the block…only for Canadians…sorry to be political, but the U.S. peeps already have Geartrade! Get on our waitlist.

How to: 5 Tips to Enjoy The Outdoors All Winter Long. (2 min read and 1 min watch)

From The Wild

The apocalypse? @jesus_landscapes, Austria (and maybe heaven, or ⬇︎ ,🤔 )