Issue 239 - The One With The Jet Engine Powered Snowboard

February 1, 2021

Lots of new subscribers and I ❤️ all of you. As the preamble above ⬆︎ says, keep on Playing More, Wasting Less and Doing Better.

Today I have… a recap of January for those of you not checking your email regularly, jet-powered snowboards, Danny MacAskill, and 100 things to know about backpacking…boom…huge issue.

- Kirsten

PS: 🤙 If you’re looking for the highlights and results of the Aspen X-Games…look no further. (Go)

PPS: We donated $400 to awesome outdoor charities in January!

Friday Poll Results: What’s your favourite decade of ski clothes? (Watch here if you missed it)

I think we’re all on the same wavelength. I do love the 80’s. Although the 1930’s had an adorable outfit when they switched from skirts to pants.

1960's - 0%
1970's - 22%
1980's - 54%
2000's - 8%
2010's - 8%
Other - 8%

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Good Links 🔗

Recap: Did you know it’s February 1st? Wow, time flies. Here’s a recap of the most popular MTN Impact posts in January. (2 min read with some watching)

Play More: This seems like a terrible idea. Please don’t tell anyone I showed you this: JET ENGINE Powered Snowboard! (10 min watch)

Lunch Break Video: Our favourite MTN Biker is back at it doing crazy, terrifying things. Watch as Danny MacAskill descends extremely steep rock slabs in the UK with relative ease. This is technical MTB riding at its finest! (6 min watch)

How To: 100 (yes, I said 100) skills that a backpacker should know. This is real evergreen material…so save it in your pocket. (A lot of reading)

Climate: Just one more reason I won’t be climbing Mt. Everest! (2 min read)

From The Wild

I imagine giant spiders coming out of that big hole.🕷😳 @erikhedenfalk, Somewhere in Indonesia