Issue 240 - The One With The Cotton Candy Mountain

February 2, 2021

Today we’re talking about post-COVID adventure travel, “COVID and chill”, tips on outdoor photography, Hotdoggin’ Hans and saving our oceans. Enjoy.

- Kirsten

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PPS: Happy World Wetlands Day!

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Play More: Will post-pandemic adventure travel be different?

Just because we haven’t been traveling doesn’t mean our favorite destinations weren’t busy creating new adventures, thinking more sustainably, and capitalizing on the pandemic-driven outdoor boom. (4 min read)

COVID And Chill: I’ve updated, modernized (added IMDB and Trailers) and reposted our “Ten Best Adventure Films.” Reply to the newsletter, comment below, or tweet us if I’ve missed a good one, and I’ll add it. (5 min read and many trailers)

How To: Take Better Outdoor Photos (3 min read)

Slow down your body and mind, and tune into nature on nature’s time. When you’re out there, listen and look closely. That’s when the great photos start. 

Lunch Break Video: Alex Ferreira’s Hotdoggin Hans…narrated by Morgan Freeman (8 min watch)

In the 1970’s one-man reigned supreme. His name...Hotdog Hans. The king of the mountain who had it all, and lost it all. We all deserve a second chance. Even this dried up old hot dog.

Comments: Best comedic ski film ever created, Long live hotdoggin’ Hans

Do Better: 10 Petitions To Sign This Week to Help People, Animals and the Planet (2 min read)

From The Wild

Cotton candy mountains? Or strange pink snow? @homeofbestphotos, Japan