Issue 241 - The One With The Folding Skis

February 3, 2021

It’s gear Wednesday, so get ready for ski innovations, quick switching goggle lenses, how to wash your Gor-tex, outdoor coffee tech and deals from the wild. Enjoy.

- Kirsten

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Innovative Gear: You saw it here first…well, maybe not first, the video has 13k views…anyway, get ready, get set…foldable skis! 💥🤯 Wait, why do I want a foldable ski? ( 4 min watch)

Gear Advice: This is the time of year when we’re getting a bit more sun on the north face as we descend toward the summer solstice (<—-poetic). Unfortunately, this means “choice” when gearing up for skiing…as in, which lens should I bring?…I hate carrying two (<— stop whining and go photochromatic), but some of these new systems make it easy to switch. (3 min read)

How To: Wash Your Ski Kit - Take care of your waterproof soft goods with these expert tips. (5 min read)

Coffee Gear: Are you an outdoor coffee snob? Check out these grinders. (1 min read)

Deals From The Wild:

Canadians: Up to 60% off outdoor gear at MEC, including 30% off select Arc'teryx gear. (Get)

Used Gear Spotlight (US folks only):

Arc'treyx Tantalus Gore-Tex Jack - Size Medium - 63% off - (Get)

VOLKL Blaze 106 Freeride Ski 172 cm length (with Marker Griffon Bindings) <—-Greg is skiing these this year and recommends - 40% off (Get)

If you’re Canadian and interested in used gear as a sustainable alternative to buying new, get on the waitlist for RENU by MTN Impact.

From The Wild

We have a jumper…bottom left…into the liquid glass, @calibreus, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.