Issue 242 - The One With The Ugly Vegetables

February 4, 2021

Today I have some ugly vegetables, hiking tips, a Robin Wright trailer, how to buy ski poles, former NFL Wide Receiver Mark Pattison and another adventure I would not take part in. Enjoy.

- Kirsten

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Waste Less: This Company Turns 'Ugly' Produce Into Nutritious Powders (3 min read)

Supermarkets are picky when it comes to produce aesthetics. If fruits and vegetables don't meet high standards for appearances, they cannot be sold. They're thrown out instead, which is a tragic loss of valuable nutrients and resources.

Play More: Who’s looking forward to the warmer seasons? I still have some skiing left in me, but it’s never too early to update your hiking list for 2021. (8 min read)

You don’t necessarily have to hike faster to hike big miles: just hike longer. Hopefully, these hints help you make your mileage goals. Remember to pick and choose just a few of these tips at a time so you still have a fun hike. Now get out there and crush some miles.

Coffee Break Video: “LAND” - Official Trailer [HD] - In Theaters February 12 (3 min watch)

From acclaimed actress Robin Wright comes her directorial debut LAND, the poignant story of one woman’s search for meaning in the vast and harsh American wilderness.

How To: Choose the type and size of your ski poles. (4 min read)

You’ll want to match your ski poles to the main type of skiing you plan to do. In general, though, a set of lightweight poles will make your day more enjoyable since they cut down on arm fatigue whether you’re skiing powder, groomers or all-mountain lines.

Do Better: From The Gridiron To The Top Of The World For Charity And Inspiration (2 min read)

Former NFL Wide Receiver Mark Pattison aims to climb Mount Everest (29,029 ft.) raising $29,029 for each foot he takes up the mountain.

Coffee Break Video: Not as scary as the “bat people” from Issue 235, but definitely on my not-to-do bucket list. (3 min watch)

From The Wild

I don’t need avalanche training to tell me that this a problem just waiting to happen, @into.thewildlife, Mont Blanc du Tacul (4248m) in Chamonix.