The Last One

February 22, 2021

Hey Gang, unfortunately, we’re going to discontinue the newsletter aspect of MTN Impact indefinitely 😩. For all those that have been around since the days of The Daily Thread, thanks for sticking with us! And for those who have signed up in the last couple of weeks, sorry to disappoint!

As it turns out, a weekday daily newsletter takes up a lot of time! Instead, we’ve decided to focus our Play More, Waste Less, Do Better impact and efforts more locally here in the East Kootenays and Columbia Valley, which will probably not be of any interest to 75% of our subscribers…we have peeps from all over the world but most of our subscriber base is in the United States. If the newsletter came back, it would be hyper-focused locally.

However, our efforts to save the planet will continue as we build our MTN Impact business in other ways, including:

  1. Play More: Blog - Posts on our website ( of our outside adventures exploring BC and Alberta. Hopefully adding some value to local residents and visitors to the region or entertainment to those outside the region.

  2. Waste Less: Blog - Potentially posts of the tips and tricks of my journey into what I hope will be a super sustainable lifestyle.

  3. Waste Less: E-Commerce - We’re in the process of building the Canadian outdoor gear marketplace at Looking at a spring launch at the earliest, so if you’re looking for summer hiking gear, remember us! If this one goes well, maybe we’ll also launch a small sustainable eco-item store in the future.

  4. Do Better: We will continue our strategy of giving back to local BC and Canadian organizations aligned with our philosophy of Play More, Waste less, Do Better (In the last two weeks we’ve donated to Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society as well as Plastic Oceans). Look for our weekly “Do Better” blog post on the website.

  5. Social Media: Stay with us on Instagram for infrequent posts and more importantly connect with us on Unsplash for our photo library.

If you wish to stay subscribed with us, we’ll be sending out reminders when there is new information on the website, an irresistibly funny outdoor video that we just have to share, or a notice that the e-commerce efforts are coming to fruition.

- Kirsten

PS: You can always get me at

One last awesome video: The Icycyle (go to 4:30 to skip the build and see it on ice)