Welcome to MTN Impact

Hi, it's Kirsten, editor of MTN Impact. We are a sustainability awareness platform cleverly disguised 🥸 as an outdoor adventure newsletter⛷ .

Delivered to you every weekday morning, you will be showered in carefully curated YouTube videos, gear reviews, and how-to guides, such that you will not even notice that you’ve started composting, buying carbon offsets and climate shaming your family 🤭.

We will fool you into caring about Mother Earth 🌎 by being your guide to the most engaging and inspiring articles affecting mountain culture, including sports, people and the environment all wrapped in my quirky commentary. You won’t know what hit you💥…in a good way 😉.

We are here to influence the new generations of adventurers to want to play more, waste less and do better. Getting outside, wasting less of our resources, and giving more back.