10.09.2020 - Issue 168 - The One With The Outdoor Dork Speak

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Secret Languages

Correct me if I'm wrong ladies, but I'm pretty sure that speaking "groupspeak" is a male thing. After an amazing powder shred down the Monster, I don’t start talking like Jeff Spicoli (Sean Penn in Fast Times at Ridgemont High 1982). Whereas, apparently, men will high five and start saying things they wouldn't normally say in a conversation like “sick,” “yew” or “bowly ones”. Good scientific explanations in this AJ article. Read - 4 min

The Un-Vanlife

Instead of a van, this dude tries to live out of a jeep with a rooftop tent. The picture above is our car camping setup, which is very similar, but I'm not living out of it for more than a few days (btw, our Jeep isn't white, it's just caked in mud - it was quite an adventure getting to this spot!). The video is a bit of a long one, but there's some good Jeep scenes for those who are fans (my husband) and this guy sure loves his dog for all you dog lovers out there (tamerat). If you're skipping ahead, don't miss what happens at 8:30 ;) Watch - 11 min

Weekend Listening

If you are a fangirl/boy of the Adventure Journal like me, you won't want to miss this interview with Steve Casimiro, its editor and founder. Steve talks about their unique approach to media, the decision to go carbon neutral and lists his favourite books. It's a long one, so save it to listen to on your hike this weekend. Listen - 78 min

PS: The video above is their promotional material for the actual print version of the Adventure Journal. We subscribe and so should you. They are works of art you'll want on your coffee table (and great reads!).

Outside News

Outdoor stuff worth sharing:

Magnetic Pedals: I'm convinced I would seriously injure myself if I was to use clipless pedals while mountain biking. (For those of you that don't mountain bike, clipless pedals are the ones where you're locked in... seems counter-intuitive,I know, but I didn't name them). My husband tried to go clipless at the beginning of the summer. He injured himself during every bike ride until he eventually gave up. These magnetic pedals might be a great alternative. Read - 3 min

Be Avy Savvy: This POV avalanche video is scary. Avalanches are my second worst fear in the outdoors (first being where to pee, obviously). Winter is coming and this is a good reminder of the danger of avalanches. Two resources for backcountry riders are Avalanche.org, and Know Before You Go. Be careful out there. Watch - 46 sec

Climbing, Eh: American climber Ethan Berman has teamed up with Uisdean Hawthorn of Scotland to put up a new route on Mount Robson in Canada. At 3,954m (12,972 ft), Robson is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, just a quick 6-hour drive from here. Read - 2 min

On The Grid: Yellowstone seeks input on a proposed fiber-optic installation. If approved, the proposal would allow for the installation of fiber-optic cable along 187 miles of park roads and the installation of the conduit underground within the existing road corridor. Only 8% of the park has cell coverage now and this would expand that to 60%...do we want more cell phones ringing in our outdoors? Read - 2 min

Monday Follow up: They made it! The father and son rowing across the ocean in hurricane season (see Mondays TDT) arrived in Barbados. Read - 1 min

Live From The Wild

MT Robson @elitenature
British Columbia

Milky Way @mena_shootz
Near Santa Barbara

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